“I thought: ‘I cannot bear this world a moment longer’. Then, child, make another.”

― Madeline Miller, Circe

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Sometimes the weight of existence can seem intensely challenging, and we find ourselves unable to cope. However, I believe in the human capacity for resilience, creativity, and the ability to find hope even in the darkest of moments. My goal as a therapist is to offer non-judgmental and unconditional support in navigating life’s hardships. You are the expert of your own inner experience, and I encourage my clients to live fully and authentically by promoting self-awareness and self-reflection. I am a positive person by nature and I hope to create a warm, safe environment where you feel comfortable to begin the process of healing.

Qualifications and Approach:

I am a counseling intern enrolled in TCNJ’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program and a recent graduate of Princeton University where I studied psychology and neuroscience. I am interested in brain-based and mindfulness approaches to mental health treatment which emphasize the holistic nature of the individual. I also offer a person-centered and humanistic approach to counseling which stresses genuineness and connection.



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